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About “1000 Mines” Team

“1000 Mines” is a platform headed by a team of passionate developers who love classic games like Minesweeper.

Our goal is simple: to create modern equivalents of classic games which have been played for many years. Our team of skilled developers focus our eye for the unique to develop new, free-to-play, online versions of games that have been enjoyed for generations.

Our team is passionate about the creation of games, always looking to create a faithful adaption of classic games. However, we do not simply focus on recreating what was already present: we also look to create high-quality adaptations that use modern thinking, higher graphical fidelity, and easy to use user interfaces.

This results in modern takes on popular games that you might have heard of but never played.  “1000 Mines” is headed by passionate developers who want to keep our games collection growing whilst bringing popular titles like this to audiences who might have otherwise missed out.